The Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association is committed to the safeguarding of all young people within its member bands.

It is a requirement of the association that all member bands have a safeguarding policy in place that can be presented to the association on request. All member bands must also ensure that any of their members aged 18 or over have an up to date DBS and that these details can be provided if required.

Contests can add additional rules to those already set out by the association in relation to the safeguarding of anyone attending their contest, these rules must be abided by at all times and failure to do so can lead to disqualification from the contest and a cancellation of your TYMBA membership.

Any concerns regarding safeguarding that are raised with the association will be referred to the relevant Band’s governing body or their local authority.


TYMBA may take photographs and video of bands and their members at TYMBA events for use on the Associations website, social media and in publicity material including media releases and other publications to promote the work of the association.

These will generally be group pictures, where there is a single bandmember we will liaise with the bandmaster to approve the usage.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all permissions have been obtained and to inform TYMBA if any member cannot be photographed or videoed.