About Us

The Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association’s aims are ‘the advancement of education of the public in music; in particular, traditional style youth marching bands and the advancement of education of members and leaders‘ of bands. 

In order to achieve this, TYMBA seeks to provide ‘performance and networking opportunities‘ which include, but are not confined to showcases, concerts, contests, massed band events and training.

In furtherance of its aims, TYMBA has built links with the Royal Marines, British Army Music and similar organisations the British Youth Band Association and Indoor Music Games. 

Our Management Committee:

Chairman – Claire Stacey
Vice-Chairman – Paul Binder
Secretary – Steph Cottrell
Treasurer – Sam Hewitt
Membership Secretary – John Maybury

Martin Rapley 
Luke Bodycot 

Roll of Honour:

Founding bands in 1983: Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps, Surbiton RBL Youth Band, Stratford on Avon.

Past Presidents: Ernie Wright, Stu Warmington.

Volunteers acknowledged for their contribution to TYMBA:

  • Andy Boardman
  • Angie Naylor
  • Andy Downton
  • Beryl Howell
  • Brian Pointon
  • Carl Nelson
  • Dave Boulter 
  • Dave Gilby
  • Dave Wood
  • David Burley
  • David Leach
  • Dennis Yarwood
  • Dick Bouchard
  • George Wroot
  • Ian Hibberd
  • Ian Naylor
  • James Simpson
  • John Saunders
  • Julie McKay
  • Joanna Nelson
  • Kate McKay
  • Lisa Smith (nee Talifero)
  • Marshall Smith
  • Martin Watson
  • Paul Bullock
  • Paul Wong
  • Steve Wright
  • Tony Crossman
  • Tony Jackson