About Us

The Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association has been working to promote the youth marching band activity for more than 30 years. TYMBA’s aims are ‘the advancement of education of the public in music; in particular, traditional style youth marching bands and the advancement of education of members and leaders’ of bands. In order to achieve this, TYMBA seeks to provide ‘performance and networking opportunities’ which include, but are not confined to showcases, concerts, contests, massed band events and training.

In furtherance of its aims, TYMBA has built links with the Royal Marines and the British Army.

Officers of the association:

Chair – Claire Stacey
Vice-Chair – Paul Binder
Secretary – Steph Cottrell
Treasurer – Sam Hewitt
Membership Secretary – John Maybury

Committee members:

Joanna Nelson
Martin Rapley


14th Eastleigh Scout and Guide Band – “The Spitfires”
17th Tonbridge Scout and Guide Band
3rd Davyhulme Scout and Guide Band
Alderley District Scout Band
Band of St Gregory’s
Biggleswade Sea Cadets
Buckinghamshire Marching Youth
Burgess Hill Marching Youth
Grafton District Scout Band
Halesowen Scout Band
Haverettes Girls Band
Kings Norton Youth Marching Band
Kingston and Malden Scout and Guide Band
Redhill Corps of Drums
Romford Drum and Trumpet Corps
Spen Valley Scout and Guide Band
Stone Scout and Guide Band
Syston Scout and Guide Band
Thurmaston Marching Brass
Vectis Corps of Drums
Wirral Sound Band

(Correct as of November 2020)