Join Us

TYMBA Membership costs £40 per annum and is open to any traditional style marching band with youth members and any individual willing to help further the aims.

Benefits of being a TYMBA Band:

  • Performance opportunities through participation in TYMBA events.
  • Networking opportunities for Band Leaders and Members.
  • Advice and support from like-minded and experienced Band Leaders.
  • Promotion of your band via our website and social media platforms.
  • Access to Bandmasters Facebook Group.
  • One vote per band at the TYMBA AGM.

Joining TYMBA is easy!

If you run a traditional youth marching band and would be interested in participating in events hosted by TYMBA, or you would like to be able to promote your band through our website and social media links, please get in touch to find out more. Alternatively, you can complete the Membership Form below.

  1. Read our SafeguardingStatement and Privacy Policy.
  2. Complete the Membership Form.
    1. Band Membership Form.
  3. Pay £40 by BACS.

Membership will be confirmed once we have received  both payment and Membership Form. 

Email our Membership Secretary for more details.