Welcome to TYMBA, the home of traditional youth marching bands in the UK.

TYMBA was formed in 1983 by a few like-minded friends who felt there was a need for an organisation to cater specifically for traditional style youth marching bands – those which project a traditional British image and adopt a British military style of drill.

For more than 30 years TYMBA has been the home of the traditional youth marching bands movement across the UK. Through training, competitions and other events, we work to support bands, leaders and band members.

Over the years we have seen member bands from a variety of uniformed organisations alongside bands affiliated with The Royal British Legion and a number of independent youth marching bands. These bands have participated in the various annual activities offered by TYMBA.

Many friendships have been formed through TYMBA and the Association continues to be run by like-minded individuals with a passion for the activity.