TYMBA Says ‘Thank You’ To The South East Contest Committee

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26 years after the first contest South East of England Contest, the competition’s organising committee say they won’t be running the event in the future.

With Dave Gilby at the helm, the contest first ran in 1990 and continued consecutively for 23 years. In a letter to bandmasters, Dave says: “We would like to thank all those bands from all over the country who have travelled and supported us throughout the many years we have been running.

“It has been a real pleasure for us to run the contest and to see and hear so many different bands through the years and meet so many interesting people.”

TYMBA Chairman Carl Nelson says: “I’d like to personally thank Dave Gilby and all the team at the South East of England contest for their support and contribution to TYMBA in running the contest for over 20 years.”

The contest committee say they’ve seen a reduction in the number of bands entering due to rising cost of travel, and together with the increases in running costs they will no longer hold the event.

Any bandmaster who still has trophies from the SEofE contest are asked to contact Dave Gilby.

The association’s committee has already started looking at ways to ensure a contest for our members in the south of the country.