TYMBA Nationals 2016 Statement

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It is with sadness and regret that TYMBA has to announce the cancellation of this year’s National Championships which was due to be held in Stoke On Trent at the end of October.

This year has already seen two regional contests forced to cancel because not enough bands had entered and this is the same for the TYMBA Nationals, meaning that the contest is not be viable.

The hard work put in by our young members will be recognised however at this Sunday’s Greater Manchester Competition which for the bands who had entered, will become the TYMBA Nationals 2016. Exact details of how this will work have been sent to the bandmasters concerned.

As a committee we would like to thank the bands who have supported this years National Championships and also to Bill Outhwaite, Contest Organiser of the Greater Manchester Competition for allows us to utilise the contest in this way.

During the next few months TYMBA will be undertaking research with our membership, former member bands and other organisations to look at how we can make sure that the association is offering what the traditional youth marching bands movement requires. We are also looking at holding a Conference, again to work with our members to ensure an exciting future for our association.

Underneath this article we have tried to answer some of the questions you may have, also both our Chairman Carl Nelson and Vice-Chair Andy Downton will be at the Greater Manchester Contest on Sunday if you wish to talk more about TYMBA.

Why has ‘The Nationals’ been cancelled?
We only had a small number of bands enter the competition.  Looking at the money we bring in from things like entry fees and spectators, against what we have to pay out for; the venue, judges etc. The association would have ended up losing money.  As a committee we cannot put the association into a position where we know we will lose money.

Can’t we find a cheaper venue?
In the short amount of time we have, unfortunately no.  Also, when we put on The National Championships we have to take a lot of things into consideration.  It’s not just about the arena, but we have to think about changing, turn out, spectator seating, location for all of our bands and a lot of other factors.  

Are there other ways we can bring in money to pay for it?
We always look at other ways of bringing in revenue to offset the cost of The Nationals; advertising in the programme, trade stands, DVD sales.  Unfortunatly with low band numbers and the smaller audience we can expect that to mean, we can’t charge a great amount for these.

What is being done to try and stop this from happening next year?
The first thing we are going to do is talk to you!  We’re putting together a survey which we will send out to bandmasters and bandmembers.  We’ll also send it to bands who used to be members or who we know of but have never joined us.  We want to find out what bands want and need from their Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association.  

I’ve got an idea for how we can do it differently!
Great, let us know, there is no such thing as a bad idea and we’re open to all suggestions.

If you’re a bandmaster or bandmember you should have access to our facebook groups, there’ll also be details soon for our Conference where we can work through ideas too.