Steph Jarvis To Lead TYMBA Advice Unit

TYMBA Advice Unit

As the Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association drives forward, we’re pleased to welcome Steph Jarvis to the team to lead the newly formed TYMBA Advice Unit.

No stranger to youth marching bands, Steph was a member of the Halesowen Scout Band for many years playing the clarinet and approached the association with an interest to take on this new role after seeing details on the TYMBA facebook page.

Steph said:  “I volunteered as I’ve been involved with TYMBA as a band member for a number of years.

“Through the Halesowen Scout Band I’ve had so many opportunities to visit amazing places, take part in fantastic events and meet loads of new friends.  It’s my turn to help give something back to TYMBA and the people who have helped me grow into the person I am today.”

Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association Advice

In late 2016, TYMBA undertook a large survey with bandmasters, not only from TYMBA bands but also with the leaders of bands who didn’t have a link to the association to understand what youth marching bands in the UK needed from an organisation.  One of the major themes to the replies was the need to an advisory body to assist bands as they develop.  This is why the TYMBA Advice Unit has been formed.

Chairman of TYMBA, Carl Nelson, said: “I’m proud that Steph has come forward to take on this new project, I know she will really give it her all to make a difference for our members.

“I’d appeal to anyone else who would like to get involved with the association, in any way, to please come forward.  Whether you want to take on a big project like Steph has, or to just offer your support at one of our events, please let us know.”

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