10th February 2019 all-day

‘The future of TYMBA competitions’
and Annual General Meeting

Date: Sunday 10th February 2018
Time: 11am for 11.30am start
Venue: The Sports Pavilion, Phoenix Life Assurance Offices,
1 Wythall Green Way, Birmingham, B47 6WG

11:30am – 1:30pm The Future of TYMBA Competitions
1:30pm – 2pm Lunch
2pm – 4pm Annual General Meeting

The Future of TYMBA Competitions
Sub-committee meeting / group discussion
Class A members and band members are invited to take part in a discussion around the future of TYMBA competitions.

Alan Brookes (Halesowen Scout Band) has been working on a plan to look at where bands can still receive the vital feedback they need from score sheets and audio recordings with judges working to range statements but from fewer number of judges. At a time when there are fewer bands competing, this would help our contests be more sustainable whilst improving the quality of our judges.

Any rule changes required would be agreed in this meeting, with a resolution going forward to be ratified in the proceeding AGM.

Discussion paper has been sent to Class A members by email
AGM Agenda

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of the last meeting
  3. Matters arising from the minutes
  4. Chairman’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Membership Secretary’s report
  7. Contest Panel report
  8. Formal Election of Officers
  9. Election of Committee Members
  10. Appointment/election of President and Vice presidents
  11. Proposals for changes to Constitution and Rules
    1. The Future of TYMBA Competitions
    2. Changes to Drum Major Discipline
  12. Motions for discussion
  13. Any Other Business
  14.  Date and venue of next year’s AGM.

The Chairman may alter the order at his discretion

Proposal 1:

To accept and adopt the resolution of the Subcommittee from the morning of Sunday 10th February: The Future of TYMBA Competitions.

Proposer: Andy Downton
Seconder: Stephanie Cottrell

Proposal 2:

Change Drum Major discipline to be awarded over all classes instead of per class but change to Junior & Senior. Junior being 17 & under. Senior being 18-25. Apply this to the league also. Happy to discuss age range. Also to consider having an over 25 DM (Overs) not eligible for league ranking.

The age category of the DM should be stated on the entry form & must be the age of the DM as at the start of the calendar year in which the contest takes place in line with age rules.

Reason for Proposal/Benefit to Association:
There are no longer many competing DM’s, however, this would allow them to be judged against those of a similar age group rather than the class of their band, as in the main, it’s an individual award.

Proposer: Sam Hewitt – TYMBA Membership Secretary
Seconder: Luke Bodycot – 10th Leicester 1st Syston Scout & Guide Band

Proposal 3: 

To change the current class timings stated in Section 2 Rule 3 to as below:

Contest Class 8-11 minutes
Championship Class 9-12 minutes
National Class 11-14 minutes

From: Current Section 2 Rule 3 –

Timings for each class shall be
Contest Class  8 – 10 Minutes
Championship Class 10 – 12 Minutes
National Class 12 – 14 Minutes

For every 5 seconds or part thereof over or under these timings a penalty of ONE point will be deducted from the score given for the following aspects:

General Musical Effect
Field Wind
Field Percussion

I.e. For a band that goes over the time by 3 seconds, it will lose FIVE points, for a band that goes over by EIGHT seconds, that band will lose TEN points, this will be calculated prior to the place points being awarded.

With immediate effect.

Reason for Proposal/Benefit to Association:

So bands who are promoted/relegated could keep the same display & music from the previous year, without having to add or change too much, if they wish.

Proposer: Luke Bodycot – 10th Leicester 1st Syston Scout & Guide Band
Seconder: Sam Hewitt – Kings Norton Youth Marching Band

Motion 1:

Dave Wood will stand down this year following 30 years as a member of the TYMBA committee and latterly as the association’s treasurer.

Dave proposes a one off motion to seek nominations for a new treasurer during the coming year with a deadline of the end of August 2019. At this point a special general meeting will be held whereby it is agreed that voting on this incoming treasurer will take place via post / secure email. The newly appointed treasurer will then take up the reins on January 1st 2020 with band accounts all set up etc. Dave will complete the year end for 2019 and then hand over the balance.

Proposer: Andy Downton
Seconder: Stephanie Cottrell