Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association Nationals

This page shows you which bands are members of the Traditional Youth Marching Bands Association and where applicable which class they are in the for the current year’s competition season.

If you are looking to hire a band, fanfare team or drum corps for an event, please contact and we will put you in touch with the people you need to speak to.

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Grafton District Scout Band
The Marching Band of St Gregory’s
Spen Valley Scout and Guide Band
Stone Scout and Guide Band

Chesham All Girls Band
3rd Davyhulme Scout and Guide Band
Rhyl Youth Marching Band
Syston Scout and Guide Band

Alderley District Scout Band
Haverettes All Girls Band

Non-competing members:
Essex Marching Corps
Halesowen Scout Band
Kings Norton Youth Marching Band
Thurmaston Marching Brass
17th Tonbridge Scout & Guide Band
Wirral Sound